Tanya Greene is a trendsetter with great ideas for enhancing one’s wardrobe and lifestyle. She also has a creative eye for encouraging men and women of all ages to wear clothes that they otherwise could not have imagined. Her work in fashion and beauty embodies, “It only takes a dream to create a reality.” This blog is a testament to the power of being daring and taking on new fashion challenges each day. On this site, Tanya will encourage men and women of all walks of life through her daily posts, pictures, and links to different ways to create a new you. It’s simple! “Add color to your wardrobe or find the right piece of jewelry and accessory to make an outfit pop,” she says. “Just by changing or adding something different to your wardrobe could make a better you.”

Tanya hopes that the information on this site is informative and helpful in your path to finding new fashion and lifestyle ideas. If you need further assistance with makeup and fashion trends, please feel free to contact Tanya on this blog or at 973-375-5702.

Her motto is, “Every woman in this universe deserves to be beautiful inside and outside! Learn to embrace and love the skin that you are in.” – Dazzling In Style.

– Founder of Dazzling In Style
Wardrobe Consultant and Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger