Have a Closet Edit performed by us to refresh and revive your existing clothes in your closet.

  • We’ll methodically go through all the items in your closet, two seasons at a time (Fall+Winter and/or Spring+Summer)
  • We’ll evaluate all your clothing, shoes, and accessories based on their fit, color, and style.
  • We’ll discard/donate items that no longer fit.
  • We’ll help you create exciting outfits from the pieces that remain in your closet.
  • We’ll create a “needs list” (shopping list) of items missing from your closet.

The Style Makeover is designed to help create a wardrobe that is perfect for all of the areas in your life. We work to make you feel great and look great in everything that you do!  We will do all the legwork to pull clothes from multiple stores and bring them to your home. You can try items on in the comfort of your closet and allow me to help you make the best decisions and integrate your new purchases into your existing wardrobe

What to expect from Dazzling In Style during the consultation and wardrobe examination sessions.

First, Initial Consultation: I will meet with you to get to know your style needs to identify the best techniques, colors, and designs that work for you.

Second, Wardrobe Examination: I take stock of your wardrobe for the current season, and we will decide what to keep, what may need alterations, what to donate, and most importantly, what to acquire.

Third, After we’ve sorted through your wardrobe, I will then recommend or arrange a way to donate your items to a donating service, if desired.

Let us do your shopping, where we will craft a shopping experience that is productive, easy, and inspiring.

We focus solely on the shopping aspects of a client’s needs and give the highest level of customized personal assistance to our clients. We can shop for you or we can buy together. We will shop for pieces of clothing you may desire and make use of any special discounts to save our client money, and we also do personal shopping for items like gifts based on the client’s budget. If we shop for you, we will bring you the clothing for you to try on in the privacy of your home.

Dazzling in Style will assist and guide our clients with creating a unique style for any occasion. Our goal is to give our client a complete personalized experience by making sure our client has a right look and perfect fit to present themselves to the world.

We will take an assessment of the clothing in our wardrobe to create stylish and modern outfits with the clothes that you have already in your closet. We will help you transform different outfits for any occasion, show you how to wear accessories and how to layer your clothing.