Dazzling In Style wishes everyone a Happy Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day Gift Ideas



Mother’s Day is approaching us soon. Dazzling In Style have picked some of our favorite gift ideas that will help ease some of your holiday shopping and procrastination that will also help save you some time on your last-minute shopping.













Happy Birthday To Me

t’s that time of year again and by that I mean it’s my BIRTHDAY! I am extremely grateful that I am living my life-like it’s golden without any complaints. Each day of my life I strive to be better whether it’s doing community service,being a listening ear or just simply being there for someone.As I grow in this life, I must say that I have learned alot and that I am still learning and still have more work to do. So I will leave you with this, “BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE “and let no one tell you different because you are destined for greatness

Happy Easter

Dazzling In Style Wishes Everyone A Happy Easter.. Enjoy your day!


Pantone Color Institute Top Ten Colors for Spring 2017


 The Pantone Color Institute  Top 10 Color picks for Spring 2017 offer an array of vibrant hues that will bring vitality to any design. These colors are not just for fashion but can also be used in home decor.The colors are beautiful but yet calming that will bring glam to any look that you may want to create.This Spring try adding one of these beautiful colors to your wardrobe or home.

One of the things that we saw this year, was a renewed sense of imagination in which color was appearing in context that was different than the traditional,” said Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute. “Reminiscent of the hues that surround us in nature, our Spring 2017 Fashion Color Report evokes a spectrum of emotion and feeling.


Pantone Color Institute announced that the Greenery color was picked as the Color Of The Year for 2017


Which Shopping Method Works for You?  Online Shopping or Shopping In The Store?

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Hey Dazzlers- Today on the blog I wanted to share with everyone  Our Favorite Moisturizer Picks that we are in love with. With all  of the hot showers that you’ve taken to cleanse your body coming from the outside, your skin needs alot of TLC. By now all of you should have a daily routine of moisturizing your face after cleansing and you should also be moisturizing your entire body after cleansing too.

Moisturizers  protect your skin and they also help make your skin feel soft, smooth, and nourished.Be mindful that all moisturizers aren’t the same in which they come in different skin types such as- normal skin, dry skin ,oily skin, sensitive skin and combination skin (normal/oily) and you should use a moisturizer according to your skin type. Also pick a moisturizer with a sunscreen (SPF) and moisturize your face daily in the morning and at night

When picking your moisturizers you should use facial moisturizers for your face, and body moisturizers for the rest of the body. Body moisturizers are usually thicker and creamier that can  clog up your pores on your face and facial moisturizers are light, suitable and gentle for you skin on your face..















I must admit that I was having difficulties folding my fitted sheets ,but after viewing this video by Martha Stewart, It somewhat helped me.I hope that this video helps you too. Enjoy!

Fold a Fitted Sheet

Martha and an audience member attempt to properly fold a fitted sheet.


Happy Holidays..


Dazzling In Style wishes everyone a Safe and Happy Holiday.


Holiday Gift Ideas 2016

We here at Dazzling In Style know first hand how difficult it maybe to find that special holiday gift because people are sometimes hard to shop for, so we’ll take the pressure off of you by shopping for you by sharing our favorite gift ideas that are sure to put a smile on someones face this holiday.


The Gallery Leather Planner is great for organizing and  scheduling your appointments for work,business,school and other important events.This comes in an array of colrs and can be Monogrammed in gold,silver,white and blind embossed lettering




This  Formation Block Monogram Mug would make a great gift. this mug can be used for your favorite hot tea,coffee,soup,hot chocolate or for whatever drink that you choose to use it for. you can either get the lock initial to represent your first,middle or last name.






This compact Morphie Power Reserve 1x is a great compact  reliable battery that delivers a full charge to any Smartphone when needed.It comes in an array of colors and is easy to carry along.




The Holiday Family Pajama Collection at Target are a great way to stay warm and cozy while bonding with the family for the holiday season




The Monogrammable Throw at Pottery Barn are so beautiful and lightweight,great for wrapping up to keep cozy and warm in your home. A colorful throw can add a pop of color to any boring living room or bedroom








We are so in love with the DW Home Candles, everytime a candle is lit the fragrance scents the entire space and the scent lingers after the candle is put out. The DW home Candles come in an array of fragrances, but  our holiday pick is the Happiness Candle which is ” The State Of Being Happy,Good Fortune,Pleasure,Contentment”.  This candle has a unique fragrance mixed with pure jasmine pedals and verdant greens. Ooh la la!



The Table Topics Conversation- Starting Questions cards are great for entertaining a family dinner or cocktail  party. What a way to spice up a conversation and break the ice to get your guest talking and getting acquainted with one another