Considering having a Closet Edit performed, hire Dazzling in Style to assist you with achieving your goals of getting your closet space organized and streamlined. You will have an organized new wardrobe by the end of our session.

What to expect from Dazzling In Style during the consultation and wardrobe examination sessions.

First, Initial Consultation: We will meet with you to get to assess your style needs to identify the best techniques, colors, and designs that work for you.

Second, Wardrobe Examination: During the Closet Edit, we will evaluate your wardrobe for the current season, and we will recommend what items to keep, what may need alterations, what to donate, and, most importantly, what to acquire. While the editing is taking place in your closet, Dazzling In Style will create a list of items you may need or want to enhance your existing pieces in your wardrobe to create new outfits. Dazzling In Style will finish arranging your clothing in your closet by color and clothing type to make your dressing experience more pleasurable.

Third, After we’ve reviewed your wardrobe, we will then recommend or arrange a way to donate your items to a donating service, if desired.

Contact Dazzling In Style at 862-215-6946 or email us at [email protected] to schedule a Consultation appointment.

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