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Lipstick Picks: Our favorites that we’re obsessed with


Lipstick Picks: Our favorites that we’re obsessed with

We have had tried so many lip products with different price ranges and we must admit that some of the cheaper brands are just as good as the higher-end brand. When using lipstick, we do lip care on a routine basis. As with Facial Care, you must do Lip Care to treat and prevent sunburn, dry chapped lips, to keep them soft and hydrated, so your lipstick will lay smoothly. 

These SPF Lip Balms Will Protect Your Lips all Summer

Your lips may not be dry and cracked like they were during the winter months, but they still need TLC this time of year. “The skin on our lips is very thin,” says Mona Gohara, MD, associate clinical professor of dermatology at Yale School of Medicine and a Women’s Health advisor.

This super stay matte lipstick is sure to make a bold statement when going out. We’re obsessed with the price and the assortment of colors that this lipstick comes in. Adding Lip primers

This long-wearing vivid red lipstick is sure to get everyone’s attention when you enter a room. This shade can elevate any beauty look and does very well with different skin tones. This is our favorite go-to red lipstick.

We’re loving this long-lasting rich velvety matte finish lip pencil that we use for everyday wear. This lip pencil has a creamy texture that comes in an array of colors.

Lip Primers help to ensure smooth application of lipstick to keep it in place all day. Apply it and let it set for a few minutes, then follow with a lip liner, then apply your favorite lipstick.

MAC Prep & Prime Lip Primer

This lip primer is colorless and oil-free and provides long term hydration to your lips when applied.

Anatasia Beverly HillsLip Primer

This colorless lightweight lip primer is one of our favorites for the matte lipsticks that provides great moisture to your lips which helps to hold the lipstick in place.

Covergirl Outlast Longwear Lipstick 500 Clear

This fragrance-free lip primer is for sensitive skin which is labeled – Sulfate-free, phthalate-free that keeps your lips soft and smooth

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