Happy National Lipstick Day!

We’re super excited about today because one of our favorite stores- M.A.C Cosmetics is giving away a free full size colored lipstick typically $17 in selected shades ( Limited Supply) inside of their stores or retailers.

Photo Credit l M.A.C

Dazzling In Style loves to rock a bold lipstick in different colors such as orange, pink, and reds. Lipsticks highlight your lips to make them look fuller and plumper.They also can quickly freshen and pull your look together to make you look vibrant.

Our cosmetic closet is loaded with an array of different lipsticks because there are so many brands to pick from, that you just simply fall in love with all of them. When we are assisting our clients, we play with different colors of lipsticks to achieve the right look that will work for them.

Lipsticks can be a ladies best friend. XOXOXO  



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