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Black And White Outfit


Black And White Outfit

Hi, Dazzlers! Today I felt like a Black and White Day. I enjoy wearing all black from time to time, so I opted to add a little white to brighten my outfit up. I am wearing a Black dress that I purchased from A Thrift Store over a year ago and my Faux Fur Coat was purchased at Macy’s over a year ago. I adore playing with different pieces in my wardrobe to create my looks.Fashion is merely being creative and expressing yourself differently. I also wear what makes me feel comfortable and fashionable at the same time.

I am a curvy woman and there was a time that I would never wear a dress above my knee because I have big calfs but I have learned to embrace my size and wear what I want as long as I am decent.  Loving who you are is a BEAUTIFUL feeling!

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