Black Radiance Make Up

I must say that after trying the Black Radiance BB Cream I was quite  impressed with the price and  longevity that the makeup provided throughout the day.  It is definitely a keeper in my Make Up Glam Bag


As we embark upon a New Year for 2017, we should carry with us fond memories from 2016. Today I ask for you to take some time and ask yourself these questions: Did I live in 2016?  Did I laugh in 2016?  Did I love in 2016?  I encourage everyone to find some time to learn who you are by living, laughing and loving yourself. This will create calmness and… Read More


The Statement Bell Sleeve

The Statement Bell Sleeve as we all  know has been around for many seasons, but this statement piece will be a hot trend for 2017.This Statement piece replaces the off the shoulder blouse which is commonly worn in the Spring to Summer in the warm weather. The Bell Sleeve is stylish,chic and will keep your shoulders warm in the cold weather.     If… Read More


Our Favorite Drugstore Mascaras

  We’re loving the drugstore mascaras. You can still achieve a stunning look without breaking your pockets.We have tried different brands of mascaras and some of the best mascaras can be found right in your local drugstores and they also provide the same lash enhancing as a higher priced mascara. Look below for Dazzling In Style Favorite Picks Of Drugstore Mascaras that are sure… Read More


Happy Holidays..

  Dazzling In Style wishes everyone a Safe and Happy Holiday.


Holiday Gift Ideas 2016

We here at Dazzling In Style know first hand how difficult it maybe to find that special holiday gift because people are sometimes hard to shop for, so we’ll take the pressure off of you by shopping for you by sharing our favorite gift ideas that are sure to put a smile on someones face this holiday.   The Gallery Leather Planner is great… Read More