Organizing Your Closet

Spring is here and have you rearranged your wardrobe yet? You can first start by creating organization by using colorful slim matching hangers that will create more room and space in your closets,preferably the velvet hangers.Also try to opt for a metal pole for your closet so your hangers will slide with ease, which will make it more effective when you are looking for… Read More

Happy Easter

  Happy Easter To Everyone


Updating The LBD (Little Black Dress)

  I know alot of you have that favorite LBD (Little Black Dress)¬†hanging inside of your wardrobe closet that you¬†have not worn in a while.The next time you decide to go on a shopping trip, save yourself some time and money by pulling out your LBD and updating the dress to make it look brand new .Updating the LBD can get you more wears… Read More


The Classic Black Pump

Ladies, The Classic Black Pump is an ideal shoe to wear with any evening gown to create and enhance a fabulous look..The good thing about this shoe is that you can pair it with anything in your wardrobe closet and you can also save money by not buying an array of shoes. When buying a Classic Black Pump make sure that your feet are… Read More

Good Morning….

Good Morning Beautiful, Have a Lovely Day.


Spring Colors For 2016

Hey Dazzlers- Spring is right around the corner and what better way to enhance your wardrobe is to know the fashion colors that are trending. Pantone the worldwide color authority has released their Fashion Color Report For 2016.The top ten (10) colors for Men and Women’s fashion are: Rose Quartz,Serenity,Buttercup,Lilac Gray,Iced Coffee,Peach Echo,Snorkel Blue,Limpet Shell,Fiesta, and Green Flash. The colors are pretty,festive,calming and peaceful…. Read More