Fashion Trends For Plus Size

Dazzler’s,This Fall the 70’s,80’s,and 90’s trend will be dominating this seasons fashion style. The good news is that Plus Size designers and retailers are creating an abundance of trendy styles this season to fit the curvy women.Some of the brands are Eloquii,Simply BE and designer Monif C. So this Fall if you would like to spruce up your wardrobe by adding some of the… Read More


The Color Orange As A Wall Color

Dazzler’s,What are your thoughts on having a room painted in the color ORANGE.? Orange is a Fall color that is a beautiful hue.This particular color is often neglected on the spectrum when it comes to Home Decor. It definitely takes a daring person to use this color in their home.Most homes are painted with earth tone colors (Brown,yellow,terracotta,warm gray,tan,brick red and shades of green).This… Read More


Low-Cost Home Improvement Fixes that Make Your Home Shine

On the blog today,I wanted to share some Low Cost Home improvement ideas for a Home Owner who is looking to sell their property in the near future.Also while you are living in your home,learn to keep the home clean and repair damages as soon as they happen, so it will not cost you alot of money long term.Make sure that the repairs can… Read More


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The Ultimate Bra Giude

Today on the blog I wanted to share with you the Ultimate Bra Guide to assist you with achieving the right bra that fits you properly..According to an article in the Huffington Post a Swiss Lingerie Company did a study and there is a surprising amount of women choosing their bras incorrectly.There was an International survey of 10,000 women conducted which revealed that 64%… Read More

Chic Halloween and Autumn Decoration Ideas

This Autumn try decorating your porches and tables with an array of different Fall colors such as white and orange pumpkins and yellow and orange colorful Mums to create an elegant decor for your home. I enjoy decorating my front porch with colorful Mums and placing a vine wreath on my front door.It is the little things to add to your decor that can… Read More