You Are Amazing..Remember That

Good Morning Dazzlers. Enjoy your day today and everyday of your life no matter what your circumstances maybe and always remember that you are an amazing person who exemplifies great character and integrity.Life may throw you a few curve balls but if you should fall down pick yourself up and start all over again to overcome that obstacle…You are destined for greatness,,,Love ya  

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Beauty Is Being The Best……

  Good Morning Dazzlers ,I just wanted to remind each and everyone of you that you are indeed beautiful….“Beauty is being the best possible version of yourself on the inside and out” Have a great and productive day.


OOTD- Loving The Skin I Am In

  Everyday I appreciate who I am.I love myself unconditionally.Embrace who you are and love yourself wholeheartedly because if you don’t then who will. Shirt: The Loft     Skirt:Metro Wear    Sunglasses:Christian Dior  Lipstick: Nars      


Orange Is The New Black

Orange is the New black for me today.This vibrant color demands your full attention when you enter into a room.Bright colors can enhance your natural beauty and highlight the parts of your body that you love. My outfit is Worthington which was purchased at JcPenney….Click Here to view. In my opinion the Worthington brand is affordable and durable in which you can machine wash alot… Read More



  Hey Dazzlers,How was your day today? I hope each and everyone of you had a good day. Today I wanted to be colorful in the sun,so I went for the Boho Chic look where I layered with different colored necklaces to embellish my Metaphor Tribal Print Tunic Dress.I love to embrace different things to create a new look that expresses the way I… Read More