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Wardrobe Tool -The Color Wheel Chart

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Wardrobe Tool -The Color Wheel Chart

We all have those days when we have no idea on what we are wearing for a particular day.It basically comes down to not knowing how to mix and match different colors together.Mixing and matching is not a talent but a skill that everyone may not have, but you can simply overcome this obstacle by getting a Color wheel chart and place it on the wall by your closet.The Color wheel is an excellent wardrobe tool to use when getting dressed.It displays an array of different shades of the same color or similar colors that can be paired together to create an extraordinary look.

Dazzlers take some time to go into your closet and look for colors within the same family.I know you have a few items that you may have forgot about that are hanging in there. This is also a way to save money because you can create great pieces in your wardrobe by playing around with different color combinations.Remember to keep the colors within the family such as pastels/pastels,earth tones/earth tones and reds/reds ..etc…etc,,,

See Below for the Color Wheel Chart

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