Wardrobe Tool -The Color Wheel Chart

We all have those days when we have no idea on what we are wearing for a particular day.It basically comes down to not knowing how to mix and match different colors together.Mixing and matching is not a talent but a skill that everyone may not have, but you can simply overcome this obstacle by getting a Color wheel chart and place it on… Read More

May Your FRIDAY Sparkle

Dazzlers guess what?  Friday is finally here.I am so glad that we are at the end of this week.I am also excited because I  will be going to get my son from school this weekend.I love Fridays because I get to unwind from my busy week and enjoy my weekend with my family..This weekend I will also go to the Jersey Garden Mall In… Read More



  Dazzlers while wearing your favorite outfit,please accessorize with bold statement pieces whether it be a necklace,clutch,or shoe to complete your look. Accessories should be a ladies best friend because it can make a simple outfit look extraordinary.When I go shopping I always fill me bag with accessories and never clothing because you can change your look multiple times with different pieces and no… Read More


National Lipstick Day

Dazzlers today is National Lipstick Day.I hope that today you will venture out and explore different lipstick colors that you never thought you could wear.Lipstick can transform a look with a quick swipe of the perfect red,coral,nude,pink and berry color to the pout of your lips.If you have some time today go out and visit a makeup counter to explore with some different lipstick… Read More


Motivational Monday……Dazzlers “YOU ARE ALWAYS STRONGER THAN YOU THINK YOU ARE “….Love you all…..

I Want To Wear What-Ever Looks Good…..

Dazzler’s  you can look stylish within your budget. Fashion should not break your pockets and if it does you should revise your fashion options.This quote is beautiful because it simply states,“I WANT TO WEAR WHAT-EVER LOOKS GOOD ON ME,NO MATTER WHERE IT COMES FROM”.You can find nice things at affordable prices by shopping for sales.Always keep in mind that just because something isn’t name… Read More