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The ART Of Style Seminar With Marlo Hampton

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The ART Of Style Seminar With Marlo Hampton

On Saturday May 16, 2015, Mario Hampton, formerly of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, debuted her first Art of Style Seminar at The Punta Space in New York’s Fashion District. The event was a success.The room was lavished with beautiful Cherry Blossoms and peonies flowers dimmed with pink lighting which accentuated pure elegance.There was also beautiful hors-d’oeuvre and loaded gift bags for all the guests that attended.

Marlo Hampton greeted her guests in fashion and style wearing a ravishing multicolored sequinned Alice and Olivia jacket with green leather ankle pants. Attendees were indeed informed and educated about The Art of Style which entailed fashion etiquette and different fashion tips on how to wear and buy clothing at an affordable price. She emphasized that she loves labels but also expressed that you can wear less expensive brands and still look fabulous, simply by how you accessorize your outfit.

After Marlo Hampton presented The Art Of Style, she then had a Q&A with the attendees who asked her different questions about fashion where it was up close and personal. She also raffled off beautiful gifts, signed autographs, took pictures and conducted interviews.

This event was spectacular and definitely a Red Carpet moment.

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