Happy Thanksgiving…

Dazzling In Style wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy and be safe.  


Let’s Talk Colors

Let’s Talk Colors Spring is finally here. Are you ready to explore and wear different colors this year.? I challenge you to pick some new colors to add to your wardrobe, such as bright-colored blazers, blouses, shoes, and accessories. By adding different colors will jazz up your look.Once you are comfortable with adding bold colors into your wardrobe, choose your favorite color and then… Read More


Happy Valentine’s Day

Dazzling In Style Wishes Everyone A Happy Valentine’s Day!



Many people believe that tailoring is just for expensive and fancy clothing.As we age our body types may change in which we may gain or lose weight in the waist area causing our shirts, pants, jackets and dresses to not fit properly, Instead of going out and buying a new wardrobe ,I suggest that you first visit a tailor to see if some alterations… Read More



Dazzling In Style wishes everyone a safe and prosperous New Year…


As we embark upon a New Year for 2017, we should carry with us fond memories from 2016. Today I ask for you to take some time and ask yourself these questions: Did I live in 2016?  Did I laugh in 2016?  Did I love in 2016?  I encourage everyone to find some time to learn who you are by living, laughing and loving yourself. This will create calmness and… Read More